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NEW UPDATES! ⭐️ Bussco in 2023

Hey there, fellow creatives!

It's 2023 🎉 We hope you had a wonderful winter break and a happy beginning of the year. You deserved to have time to recharge your batteries and fill up your serotonin reserves.

Did you feel the energy this new year brought to all of us?

This winter break was a little bit different for us. After the latest website update, we could not stay still, so we went back to the board.

Our focus? Better and more ways to assist you during your entrepreneurial journey.

And that being said...We have tons of exciting updates coming through the year, some of which you might have already noticed 😅

Here's a list of what's coming your way this first quarter of 2023.

1. The most obvious one... Blogs are gone!

Well, you're reading a blog, so they're obviously not gone, gone - but our previous blogs have been removed.

Don't worry! Those old ones will be back on at some point, but with our new site, we definitely needed to update some info.

The refreshed blog section will be divided into five categories.

1. Business exclusives

2. Entrepreneurial hacks

3. Life and mindset

4. Business 101

5. Founder's corner

2. Yup! We have a new sh*tshow 🙌

Actually, a new business podcast. Survival Instincts will finally go live on January 18th, 2023 at 8:00 pm EST.

Don't forget to join our founder, Amy Khafash, every two Wednesdays on Apple Podcast, Spotify or Amazon Music.

3. We committed to being more social

Here we enter into conflict with ourselves. We preach social media, but we don't move our social accounts as much as we would like.

You don't need social media to sell, but you need it if you want to spread the word. This year we're committed to impacting the life of 5,000 fellow creatives, and what's best than social to do that?

Follow us on social media to stay up-to-date with the ins and outs of an easier entrepreneurial life.

👉 Instagram & TikTok @busscodotcom

4. We're simply doing more

Go big or go home, right? 💥 This year, we're rolling out new courses, more guides, different dynamics and just more of everything overall to help you along the way in your entrepreneurial adventure.

Stay strong,

Team Bussco


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